“My name is Valerie Nichole and I be Chillin the most…Ayyyyye!”


What’s Goooooood?!

My name is Valerie Nichole Price-Pearson. I am many things; lover, friend, daughter, wife! You will read about a few of those. The main purpose of this page is to love! And share my heart. Because guess what? You are not alone. Not. At. All. There is no perfect world, not on this side at least, but we are in this one. I choose to love, encourage, and be as vulnerable as possible. Ride with me!

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Let me rephrase that. Creative writing has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy words and how they can edify! They can encourage and love and at the same time rip you into a million pieces. I’ve done both. It only takes the word or words to be said ONCE before they are permanently engraved in the brain and shapes ones interaction with the world: the world that is NOT perfect.

I enjoy devotionals. You will see them here. Life application of God’s word. Make it make sense to me! Lol! It’s usually the only way I will get it. And definitely the only way I will remember it. My brain retains ohhhh……just about NOTHING! DANGER DANGER! Lies are definitely not my strong point. I will forget it all! LOL!

Poetry. Before I wrote a song, it was poetry. And I don’t share that! …until my first EP “Heavens Radio”! You can cop it! It’s dope! But I need to “throw up” sometimes and not all the time is a melody needed! Can I just get this OUT please? …ON PAPER! Old school? Yes I am! This typing this is gonna be something. I have notebooks for days! Ask my husband! He politely placed them in a box in the closet. He hates clutter, yet he married me! 😂 (He is the melody to my harmony! …love you babe😍)

Just be ready for it all! I’ve been saying I was going to do this forever! ..and recent events have pushed me to do so…

So, Here goes!

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