Scared for WHAT?!

Fear is one of the biggest distractions and hurdles we face when our hearts are longing to
meet destiny! We wrestle and fight with it, asking IT to free US! We have a dream, God gives us vision annnnnd THEN He shows us that it’s much bigger than we anticipated…sooooo we bow out!


top lip: “31”

bottom lip: “Scared for what?!”


Guess what!? I’m so totally guilty of this more than 100x!

I forget I have a Savior who fearlessly looked at death in the face and asked where was its sting!

We are POWERFUL ladies! We’re brave! We love! And we’re full of wisdom and sound judgment!
We won’t let fear flood our minds and drown us in our own thoughts! …Because we know we can all think some crazy things about ourselves! So share YOU, your gifts, talents and abilities with the world!

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Fearless.

You’re scared for what?!


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