Watered DOWN?! Tuh. Drink up den! Respectfully!

I had my newest single sponsored for a review. I didn’t catch it. However they said the vocals and track was good BUT that Gospel music was dated.
This was a “Christian” music platform.
I. Was. Confused y’all! 🫠🥴😂
Has Christianity become so watered down that the very GOSPEL is no longer allowed?! 😫
Usually I would be very discouraged because my personality type is that I wanna be loved and liked by everyone because that’s what I give. But THIS! This right here ain’t phase me one BIT! 😌
You’ll always get Jesus from me! But it may be in the style of so many different genres of music!



IMG 7137



I write what is called “Life Music”! My whole life interacting with scripture in music form! This is what David did! One of the greatest Psalmist! His life was a song. He was Very much so far from perfect but he chased God with his very Life annnnd penned about it!
So if the Gospel is “outdated” then I can’t worry bout it! 🫥
Last time I checked we were called to preach the good news! My style just may carry an 808! 😜


🎶 https://songwhip.com/valerienichole/reminded

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