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Hello Gorgeous! My name is Valerie Pearson, owner of TruTherapy Cosmetics LLC! 

TruTherapy Cosmetics LLC (#TruTherapyCosmetics) was inspired by Matt 4:1-11; the encounter Jesus had with the devil,  initiated by the Holy Spirit in the wilderness, the holy city, and then the mountain. Upon each encounter, the devil led Him to a higher place coupled with a lie. And each time Jesus used the word from His Father to combat it.  

Finally, the last lie, Jesus had enough and dismissed him. 

In short, the enemy loves to speak to us and cover our eyes with a lie that was never intended to belong to us! #SpeakTruthGirl We forget our kingdom stance and not only accept his ugly lie, but we indulge in it and allow it to be our truth and cripple our purpose. I myself have experienced first hand, battling anxiety, depression and feeling like I’ve failed more than I have ever succeeded.

I’ve noticed with women around me, including myself, that each time we’re elevated in our position as women; being single, wives, mothers, career and business women, the enemy loves to make our insecurities larger than the success that awaits us! A new lie is only whispered and we amplify it! 

TruTherapy Cosmetics was created to not only enhanced the beauty of women, but also exposed them to the TRUTH and culture of Gods love, power and strength they undeniably have access to. Each product will have a name and/or scripture reference to remind them of the crown they wear with their Father daily, found on our website! #WearYourReminder #DailyDevotion


💄 www.TruTherapyCosmetics.com 💄

About our Products:

1. They aren’t drying as other matte lipsticks! Our special formula contains the PERFECT amount of moisture to still be matte! 

2. Color selections are great for every skin tone!!! 

3. They are “on the go” devotionals to help remind you DAILY of Who you are in Christ!!! 

4. We want EVERYONE to have access so we are always running sales and dropping discount codes on our social platforms and subscribers to our newsletters! 

4. Extremely long lasting! 

5. We are independently owned!

With Blessings, 

Valerie Pearson

TruTherapy Cosmetics LLC


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