About Our Founder

Valerie Pearson is a native of Indianapolis, IN but currently resides in Evansville, IN with her husband Donald Pearson and puppy Paisley Mae. She is the worship leader at the Rock Global Outreach Ministries at the Evansville Campus. Recording her first EP in 2016 entitled “Heavens Radio,” Valerie understands the power of the word of God alone, but acknowledges the universal language of music.

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Brows”


She had always enjoyed art because of its therapeutic nature, influenced by her late grandfather Robert McIntyre, but became interested in makeup as a way to hide behind insecurities physically, mentally, and spiritually. It wasn’t until God illuminating scripture and being her ultimate validation that she accepted her position in the Kingdom of God as well as being created in His beautiful image, that she exchanged every lie of the enemy for His Truth! 

“Speak Truth Girl!”

Valerie decided to create a cosmetic line that not only enhanced the beauty of women, but also exposed them to the TRUTH and culture of Gods love, power and strength they undeniably have access to. She thanks the many of women she has in her life currently and crossed paths with that God used to affirm and build her confidence. It is her heart desire to give what’s been given to her, the TRUTH!

“For Every Lie, There IS a TRUTH!”