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“Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as the one who is over all things.”

1 Chronicles 29:11 NLT



Despite the flaws of David, his one truest desire was to see God honored and worshiped in the earth. And although he wasn’t allowed to build the temple himself, he was an intricate piece in gathering all the materials for the Temple. Whoooo. That alone could preach. Buuuut He understood value. He understood honor and sovereignty. And he understood “supreme greatness [or] and authority” (from dictionary.com)…the Majestic nature of our Father!


As David was gathering materials, he recognized that everything he was giving to the Temple had already belonged to God, and made sure others giving understood that as well! We as women, we give…give…and GIVE some more. We scatter and pour bits and pieces of ourselves into our marriages, children, ministry, our jobs and careers and so much more. Our strength truly is beautiful! But God is FAITHFUL in replenishing us! He sends forth more of Himself to scatter and pour because all that you are able to pour simply comes from Him! The Majestic One! (and if you don’t feel that He does, I pray in this moment He overwhelms you with a refreshing.)


Let me be transparent for a hot second! I remember having a meeting with my First Lady and I was MAD ok! Up. Set…because I felt “used”…

I was giving, and giving, and I felt I wasn’t getting anything in return! Others around me were being blessed in ways I wanted to be blessed…husbands, homes, kids, great careers and so forth! I was so confused, because in my selfish brain I thought I was following ALL the “rules”! Jealousy set in and was becoming a cancer to my own future.

After that meeting, I went home and cried and immediately felt terrible! I mean, it was all bad! Lol (I can laugh now) I was convicted because my reason for “doing” had become perverted and no longer out of sheer Joy, Passion, and Obedience. I had forgot that He had a track record of never withholding anything good for me. I forgot that I was HIS instrument!


Worship and praise is essential ladies! It’s our breath of fresh air and one of the many ways we are instantly disconnected from the cares of life, and connected with the heart of Christ. It’s. OUR. Oasis! Worship and praise the majestic Father and He will give you more of Him to Pour!


Cruelty Free

Matte with oil formula

Vanilla scent




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