50 Shades of…Red


There is no middle ground with this color! Color of anger, yet a color of intimacy.

Color of love and the color for hate. But its also the color of painful redemption; the pursuit of freedom and love for mankind, nestled in the bosom of grace and mercy…

Wearing “Because He First Loved Us”

So why are we afraid of love in its purest form? 

Because a great level of sacrifice and selflessness is inevitable when it’s done right. We very much so let go of our desires to learn of another. Verses 17 here says “its [LOVE] been perfected”. Once we invite Jesus into our hearts and there is acknowledgment of Him being our savior, He begins to live in us and a blueprint and roadmap is provided on how to do this love thing correctly…without fear! With guidance, we can love Him because He showed us how He wants to be loved! He loves when we speak well of Him and sing new songs of praise and adoration. He’s sung over us. He loves when we consult Him, yet we have free will. He enjoys us being solely dependent on Him alone without wavering. And like any good father, He loves when we are obedient and take heed to warnings to prevent a “boo boo”! We’re His children! We can love Jesus in our sphere of perfection simply “Because He First Loved Us”…

“I am unloved.” I can’t be loved, nor am I worthy.” No longer let these lies take precedence of the TRUTH! 

We are His Beloved ones! He is very much so in love with you and desires for you to be in love with Him!

Listenting to “Saving Grace Day” from the album “Heavens Radio” on iTunes and all other music platforms by Valerie Nichole