🌹The Rose🌹

Part 2

🌹The Rose🌹

Becoming a wife does NOT mean you’ve “arrived”! (Just in case the single eyes drifted this way! ….and that’s ok, 🤲🏽 WELCOME! ☺️😍)

It was fairly hard to write this, because just as a rose, there are so many layers/petals to our hearts and often times the inner and deeper parts of the rose petals carry bugs and fungus which isn’t always visible just by looking at it. 😌
There are also so many different kinds of Roses! And honestly can be fairly hard to grow and care for, yet when you do, they are loyal in blooming every year!

My grandfather was a master gardener; everything from cutting grass to starting seedlings! If it was outside, he could grow it. But his favorite was roses! He was a rose Connoisseur! He had rose bushes for days but there was one particular rose bush he gave more attention to…😌🌹

Walk with me…☺️

My grandfather breathed my grandmother! He loved all things Shirley A. McIntyre! So much that for years he stopped painting and doing what he loved to care for her when she fell ill with cancer twice! He nurtured and cared for her literally in sickness and in health! Right before my grandmother died paw paw planted a young rose bush. It had no buds or anything. And honestly Looked like a stick to us! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Anyways, It eventually bloomed of course and my granny slipped away in 2013….the flower of choice for her home going: yellow Roses! The rose bush he planted: yellow roses! 😍After she passed, he sorta through himself into everything he used to do before she fell sick; especially his art! He painted so many pictures in his last days!
🌹But year after year he cared for that yellow rose bush! He pruned it! Watered it intentionally! Just as he cared for his wife; he cared for this bush! That man brought roses in from that bush up until he literally passed away in 2019.
That rose bush didn’t die until he did!
(Wheeew! Fellas if you’re reading, I hope 🤞🏽 you caught that! Legacy lives if you choose to live!)

🗣Listen wives! We have to be verbal and articulate our needs. It’s okay to do that! We actually just may have to stop what we’re doing sometimes and remember ourselves! The Proverb 31 woman is a different kinda species! Lol! She is legit super woman! She is YOU! And because you are HER, you are a treasure! And treasures have high value and cared for.

Ask yourself this Valentine’s Day “What do I need?” And be honest! And don’t be afraid to ask the one that’s called to nurture you on this earth. You may just need to be held, an intentional date night, good conversation! Intimacy! You may need to get away from the kids! You jusssst may need 🍆💦! Whatever you need, ASK! 🤷🏽‍♀️
I know in my early years of marriage (which I’m still there 😂🤣) I would expect my husband to just know! “Why don’t you know what I need!? I’m right here! Look at me!” But the truth of the matter is; he isn’t God. He knows me for SURE! And sometimes I don’t have to tell him! 😍 But it’s ok that There are times that I do! It really is ladies! That doesn’t mean he’s ignoring you! It means you have to communicate!
…and find out that he may need something too! 👀🤣😂

You are a rare beauty! And unlike the bloom, we CAN see everything you are….for the most part! But those inner petals that hold the deepest parts of you are hidden and only the gardener (your husband Bae) can have access to those intimate places and spaces, but you HAVE to be open just as roses! He in the ONLY one who is called to cultivate and care for your garden of roses!🌹

Prov 31:10-31
Prov 18:22

🌹Tag a wife that needs a reminder to communicate the hard things!